Jasma moved to Arizona in July 2020 during the pandemic with her husband and two children from Kansas City, MO. She was exposed to dermatology during her time as a provider in the ER and urgent care over the past 5 years, assessing and treating a multitude of rashes, lesions, and skin changes. During this time, she was always so intrigued whenever she would consult dermatology for more insight and recommendations.

Dermatology called Jasma after delivering her second child and her skin and hair went through drastic changes. Upon meeting and being assessed by her dermatologist the wealth of information and reassurance that she was provided inspired her to want to do the same. She was reaffirmed once she and her family moved to Arizona and she saw how much the population was sun-exposed increasing their risk for skin cancers and anomalies.

In her free time, Jasma and her family enjoy island hopping and festival chasing.