As we get older, some of our features may not look the way we’d like. It’s pretty common for women to fight the look of aging with Botox or other fillers and this includes our earlobes.

It’s called earlobe rejuvenation or a “lobe lift” and the doctors at Affiliated Dermatology say they get quite a few patients in every week to have this done.

“Anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of their ears because the earring is pulling down on the ear, the ear lobe is stretched or someone who has those excessive lines and wrinkles; or their earlobes look a little flat or deflated,” said Carmen Rayis.

The procedure takes just few minutes and the results are almost immediate. Even better, the patient we talked with says you don’t really feel much at all.

“Nothing compared with having your lips injected or ears pierced but I don’t feel a thing,” said Rayis.

Sun exposure and age cause excessive lines and wrinkles in the earlobes, and heavy earrings can lead to an elongated piercing site which causes the earrings to tip forward.The filler lasts up to a year. Prices start at $500 but it can vary because they will design a plan specifically for each patient.

Originally published by Heidi Goitia of 3TV/CBS 5. “Earlobe fillers becoming more common.” Copyright 2019 KPHO/KTVK (KPHO Broadcasting Corporation). All rights reserved. Posted Jan 17, 2019.