Shaving hair may lead to razor rash in some individuals. What is razor rash and why do some people get it while others do not? Inflamed hair follicles. Razor rash occurs when hair follicles become irritated during and after shaving. The people who have naturally curly hair at high higher risk for experiencing this condition. If you have straight hair, you can thank your parents for passing those genes on to you. The way that we shave affects your risk of having a razor rash. This is important, so even our curly-haired audience can learn some tricks to help prevent razor rash. Here it is:

Lubricate the hairs.

Complete this critical step by applying non-fragrant shaving cream prior to shaving. Plus, shave after 10 minutes of bathing, when the hairs are full of moisture.

Use only multi-blade razors.

Affiliated Dermatology’s Chief Resident Dr. Andrew Newman provides his insight,

“Many of my male patients use a single blade razor to define their beard edges, and I do the same thing. It’s not ideal for the razor rash, but the beard looks better in my opinion. Trade-offs. I still use a multi-blade razor beyond the beard edges, and I would recommend the same to all of my patients.”

Use a clean and sharp razor.

If you are re-using your razors, then be mindful of the razors becoming more dull and dirty. Consider changing your razors frequently.

Shave with the grain of your hairs.

This can still give you a close shave with some finesse!

See a dermatologist when you have tried steps 1-4 and you still experience razor rash.

Dr. Newman shares his technique,

“I treat patients with razor rash commonly in our office. I like to use prescription topical antibiotics and topical benzoyl peroxide, but I incorporate many other treatment options.”

Sometimes, the only way to avoid razor rash is to have laser hair removal.

“The majority of our laser hair removal patients are women. However, a new trend we see is that our male patients commonly opt for lasering their neck and they are very happy with the results,” says Dr. Newman.

Affiliated Dermatology offers laser for hair removal as a fantastic option for some individuals frustrated by razor burn, shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair. Ask us how you can save 35% OFF all laser hair packages this month only! Save time and money with laser hair removal and book a free consultation today.