Kelsey Madden is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner at Affiliated Dermatology. She graduated from Grand Valley State University in Michigan with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and went on to receive her Master of Science in Nursing degree from University of Cincinnati.

She started out her career and spent much of her time as a certified Cardiac ICU and Cardiac Catheterization Nurse with experience in cardiology and family practice. After completing a rotation at Affiliated Dermatology, she found that dermatology was incredibly fascinating. What Kelsey loves most about treating patients is following up with them later and seeing a huge progression in their health. She understands that patients visit their dermatologist when they are most vulnerable and she feels fulfilled when she is able to educate and treat her patients. She loves creating strong relationships with her patients, so they know they can trust her and come back to see her anytime.

Kelsey has a true passion for helping others and being an advocate for all patients as if they are her own family members. During undergraduate and graduate school, she was very involved in the community and giving back. She participated in many free healthcare clinics and even went to Belize for a medical mission trip to help treat the underserved population. She also served on the board for the Student Nurse’s Association and attended many of the Nursing Conventions over the years.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, husband, and Golden Retriever puppy named Marley as well as hiking and exploring the beautiful state of Arizona.